You never forget your first spring break.

On April 23rd we opened our laboratory doors to show the world how we test our advanced materials. When we know how materials melt, shatter and bend, we can make machines that don't. Scroll down to relive #SpringBreakIt 2014.


Smash It

See The Drop Test 

Big machines can take a beating.
We use this test to learn how to make the materials they're made of even stronger.


Crush It

See the Metal Forging Test 

Our materials need to perform well under pressure. 100,000 pounds of pressure to be precise.


Blast It

See the Erosion Test 

We use a high-speed grit blaster to simulate the extreme conditions some of our machines encounter.

Advanced Materials at GE

Without advanced materials, our jet engines wouldn’t be making such big LEAPS into the future.

Carbon fiber, making our jet engines lighter and more efficient since 1995.

Our testing rigs know how to bring the heat. Jet engines that can withstand extreme temperatures means greater efficiency and even greater performance.

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